Dames and Sires Grooming
Grooming Prices
Additional costs

Speciality cuts when requested are added to prices above, depending on dog breed and that will be discussed at the time of the appointment

De-matting charges $15-$45, depending on the coat, the dog size, and time spent to de-matt

Also if dog is to matted it will have to be shaved with a extra charge of $5-$25 depending on the
matting and the dog size

Puppy grooming please contact us for pricing

Deshedding services please contact us for pricing
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Small breed dog list

For small breeds that do not have thick hair or require a complicated cut, grooming costs. 
$45 and up

Small breed dogs examples​

Bichon frise`
Cairn terrier
Brussells Griffon
Cavalier king Charles
Chihuahua (all coat types)
Dachshund (all coat types)
Fox Terrier (all coat types)
Jack Russell (all coat types)
Japanese Chin
Lhasa Apso
Norfolk Terrier
Norwhich Terrier
Pomeranian (toy/miniature)
Pug (shaved)
Schnauzer (miniature)
Scottish Terrier
Shih Tzu
Silky Terrier
Tibetan Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Any small mix breed
Mid-Sized breed dog list

For mid-sized breeds or larger breeds that do not have thick hair or require a complicated cut, grooming costs. 
$55 and up​

Mid-sized breed dog examples

American Eskimo (miniature/standard)
American Water Spaniel
Border Collie
Brittany Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel
Springer Spaniel
Finnish Spitz
Irish Setter
Irish Water Spaniel
Portuguese water Dog
Schnauzer  (standard)
Shetland Sheepdog
Welsh Corgi
Pembrook Corgi
​Any medium mix breed
 large-sized breed dog list

For large breeds that do not have thick hair and require complicated cuts, or giant breeds, grooming costs. 
$65 and up 

Large-sized breed dog examples

Airdale Terrier
Alaskan Malamute
Anatolian Shepard
Bearded Collie
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Tervuren
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bouvier des Flandres
Chow Chow
English Setter
German Shepard
Golden Retriever
Great Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain dog
Irish Wolfhound
Old English Sheepdog
Poodle (standard)
Saint Bernard
Schnauzer (giant)
Scottish Deerhound
Siberian Husky
Collie (rough coat)
New Foundland
​​Any large mix breed

Bath-only groom dog prices 

Small dogs (non-matted) $25 and up

Mid-sized breed (non-matted) $30 and up

Large sized breeds (non-matted) $35 and up

X-Large sized breeds (non-matted) $40 and up
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